Customer visit in Hannover

Fiber roll out project for Deutsche Telekom

Last week we had the chance to visit one of our customers who’s building fiber networks for Deutsche Telekom outside Hannover! 🌍

At OciusX, we’re dedicated to empowering construction companies building fiber with our cutting-edge SaaS solutions. From progress tracking to invoicing and project planning, we’re here to streamline every step of the process. 🏗️

Global Engineering is building multiple villages in the area of Hannover. Since mid of 2023, all their projects have been managed though the OX-Fiber platform.

Seeing our platform in action and hearing first-hand how it’s transforming project management for our clients is incredibly rewarding. Most of our roadmap is customer driven so it’s important we keep an ear close to the ground. A big thank you to Global Engineering  for having us and all insightful feedback! 💡