About Us

From small construction companies to large telecom operators, they all enjoy the benefits of OX:

For fiber guys, by fiber guys.

SINCE 1965, we built infrastructure solely. What began as a local construction company in central Sweden, over time expanded to a fleet of services aiming to provide our communities with high-speed, reliable connectivity. 

Now we want to help you, do just that.

Our numbers speak for themselves.

With more than a decade of experience. We worry about the details so you don’t have to. We’ve supported teams on 4 continents to deliver their fiber projects on time, within budget.

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Our core values that drive everything we do


When confronted with difficult choices, we are committed to doing the right thing even when it’s not the easiest path.


Regardless of title or experience we are driven to serve our customers with excelence.


We are committed to deliver excellence, being the standard not the exception.

Our orgins

OCIUS-X’s origin starts with a small, family-owned excavation firm, “Roland Gustavsson Excavators”, (www.rgg.nu), founded in Sweden in 1967. RGG grew steadily, focused on network deployment construction until the fiber industry boomed in Sweden and RGG expanded rapidly to keep pace with demand. With the spike in demand for network, their legacy construction processes in the field quickly became inefficient. They lacked control of the construction process and visibility into updated project status. They needed an industry-specific tool to support them, but none existed so they built their own and around 2012, the OCIUS-X software tool began to emerge.

OCIUS-X is truly a tool built bottom-up by experts in the field. Through years of development and direct input from the field, the tool has evolved to efficiently manage the entire network construction process. In 2017, RGG expanded its business across Europe under the name of Ociusnet Group AB together with other experienced experts from the industry. OCIUS-X’s construction management tool was deployed internally in multiple markets throughout Europe and it was so efficient, they were receiving requests from partners and other companies to use the tool.

2019, OCIUS-X was formed to bring the tool to market making it commercially available for construction companies and network operators all over the world. Today we have a robust, field-tested platform that has changed the way networks are built with active users on three continents.