Complete control and visibility throughout the construction process

With OCIUS-X, you can manage complex construction processes of critical network infrastructure projects efficiently and easily. Construction data is captured in the field and visible to all stakeholders for real-time status of your project. OCIUS-X is the ultimate collaboration tool for the executive, project manager and crew in the field to deliver construction projects ahead of time and under budget.

Developed in the field by network construction experts

Born from necessity, Ocius-X is the product of over 50 years of construction experience in the network and utility industry. Ocius-X  was developed by an excavation company, RGG founded 1967 in Sweden. As the global need for broadband grew at an unprecedented rate, Ocius-X was developed to help improve construction efficiency and manage challenges experienced in field.

Increase profits and reduce waste

With full control of your network deployment project, you can make decisions based on accurate and timely data that will result in the best possible outcome for your project. Reduce time wasted with manual, inefficient project administration and maximize construction time and activities in the field.

Mobile compatible

A cloud-based software platform accessible on any internet-enabled device and compatible with either iOS or Android OS.


Maximize efficiency managing FTTx projects with Ocius-X!

Invest in your business

Increase profits by up to 15%

Increase revenue and maximize profits.

Reduce admin by 80%

Less admin, more productivity.

ROI 2-3 months*

Exceptional value.

Increased productivity for all stakeholders

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Ocius-X is the leading provider of Project Management software for Fiber Network Deployment projects. Our platform provides functionality to track and manage the full process from Business Planning/Consulting, Engineering design to Network Roll-out under full Program/Project Management. By “aggregation of digital data from reality into Business and Project control the platform provides a unique way to secure the success of your FTTx project.


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