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Fiber roll out project for Deutsche Telekom

Customer visit in Hannover

Last week we had the chance to visit one of our customers who’s building fiber networks for Deutsche Telekom outside Hannover! 🌍 At OciusX, we’re dedicated to empowering construction companies...

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Trenching fiber ducts

The Importance of Frequent Subcontractor Inspections and How OX Fiber Enhances Quality Control

In the world of construction, ensuring the quality of work is paramount. Subcontractors play a crucial role in the successful completion of projects, but their work needs to be monitored...

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Trenching FTTx projects

Important things to think about when building FTTx networks.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) rollout projects are transformative for communities, bringing high-speed internet access and improved connectivity to homes and businesses. However, embarking on a FTTH project requires meticulous...

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