Book an online demo of OX

Days not, weeks.

Getting started with OX-Fiber is simple, we offer everyone a 30-day free trial. From commitment to fully on-boarded takes no more than 3-5 training sessions. 


Online demo

45 min demo of platform and Q&A


30-day free trial

No credit card required. Through any of devices.


On-boarded in less than 1 week

Personalized on-boarding for you and team.

Some FAQs

Q. How long time does it take to set up a new project?

Creating a new project in OX is a very simple process with step dy step guides. A trained super user will be able to set up a project including, loading the design, adding pricing codes and configuring a dashboard in less than 30 minutes.

Q. Do we charge extra for different modules?

No, all features are included in both our pricing models. The only extra charge there is, are for potential custom integrations.

Q. Can OX integrate with our design system?

Yes, we integrate with most web-hosted design and inventory management systems on the market, including systems like VETRO and 3GIS.

You can also manually upload your design files into OX, we support most geospatial file format, including such as .geojson, shape files, .csv, google earth and tab-files.

Q. How long is the commitment time?

Our SMB pricemodel is month to month, meaning you can cancel at any time point. You create and inactive users as your operation expands and contracts. You only pay for the seats you use.

Q. Do we have to pay extra for support?

No, we include unlimited support in our license. It's our best interest to see you succeed in your FTTx rollouts using our software, it's our number one priority to help you implement and use the system in the best way intended.

Q. How long time does it take to on-board us?

We don't intend to be the bottle neck in the on-boarding process. To train your team and set up your first project, we usually plan 3-5 work shops one hour each. We recommend spreading them out over a period of 2 weeks, but we can do it faster or slower depending on your organisation.