Top 5 benefits for Network Owners for FTTx projects

1. Keeps contractors accountable to maintain production schedule with real time construction updates.


2. Dashboard enables full control with real time performance metrics in one place


3. Reduce administration and maximize construction performance by eliminating time-consuming and inefficient processes

4. Manage FTTh project engagements efficiently so network operators know when service can be activated.


5. Maintain project control with transparent budget and financial data for maximum project insight.

Maximum value

The Ocius-X platform delivers maximum value for network deployment projects for Network Operators. If you’d like to see how, schedule a live demo with our team!


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Ocius-X is the leading provider of Project Management software for Fiber Network Deployment projects. Our platform provides functionality to track and manage the full process from Business Planning/Consulting, Engineering design to Network Roll-out under full Program/Project Management. By “aggregation of digital data from reality into Business and Project control the platform provides a unique way to secure the success of your FTTx project.


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