House installation plans

FTTh projects can be challenging with added layers of complexity. In addition to constructing the network, the connection is then extended and requires engineering, installation and activation into the home where customer expectations are high. The process is multi-staged and requires important information to be documented shared with separate teams.


To make this easier we have created a tool purposely made specifically for FTTh projects. You access it from the same portal on your phone, tablet and computer. Store and access all information about every connection, including pictures, data, comments and status updates of each process in activating a customers connection.

Status for each process

Engineering with pictures

Contact details

Once any step in completing a customer connection has been changed, its' status get updated. Here relevant data gets captured which can be viewed. The status is linked with the project overview to easily monitor the projects progress.

The installation teams use their phone or tablet to capture pictures and draw the plan. Additional pictures are added after the work has been perform to ensure quality.

Store all customer information including home owner in one place. Customer approves work to be done by signing and sends a PDF copy of planned work via email.

Overview access from dashboard

The Dashboard is dedicated to Project Managers, Team Leads and other staff managing customer bookings. In the Dashboard, all connections are visible and can be sorted and searched as needed. Staff can contact home-owners to schedule installation appointments directly from the Installation Team schedule.


Ocius-X is the leading provider of Project Management software for Fiber Network Deployment projects. Our platform provides functionality to track and manage the full process from Business Planning/Consulting, Engineering design to Network Roll-out under full Program/Project Management. By “aggregation of digital data from reality into Business and Project control the platform provides a unique way to secure the success of your FTTx project.


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