A Case Study in Efficiency



"We were spending a lot of time and resources on getting an overview of the project status. We needed the ability to see status online and get a visualization of the progress of individual work operations and thorough documentation of work performed. Our goal with using OCIUS-X was to get 100% overview and control of our production." - Mads Heim


Executive Summary


BraCom is a rapidly growing telecommunications company founded in 2019. BraCom's vision is to reduce time and costs for their customers engaged in critical network infrastructure deployment projects and has chosen to partner with OCIUS-X which delivers complete control and transparency throughout the construction process to all stakeholders.


-Reduced construction time

-Full visibility with real-time status updates

-Financial data provides insights to reduce project costs




BraCom lacked visibility into their projects and needed an industry-specific tool that could digitize their data and deliver a visual, real-time representation of the project status.


Their legacy processes prevented Executives, Project Managers and Field Construction crews to share accurate data and collaborate effectively to dedicate appropriate resources to the project.


BraCom lacked the ability to view data visually that represented all work completed at any given time compared to what work remained in all phases of the project which limited their ability adequately plan and forecast construction timelines.


How Product Helped


With the deployment of OCIUS-X on multiple projects, BraCom was able to continuously overview the progress and status of our projects all the way down to the address level with OCIUS-X "Project Overview," feature (See more).


OCIUS-X also enabled them to save significant production time that was previously wasted exchanging information and collaborating between all parties on their projects.


With real-time accurate data BraCom could effectively manage construction crews in the field and maximize vital production time. Equiped with real-time accurate data, they could also communicate project status to their customers on demand.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans


By partnering with OCIUS-X, BraCom has delivered accelerated production timelines and reduced project costs on their projects. In addition, the OCIUS-X tool enabled them complete control and visibility into construction activities for on-demand, real-time project status.


BraCom's ROI for the OCIUS-X platform was 2-3 months and continues to deliver value on their projects and for their customers.


-Increased construction rate

-Full status transparency

-Complete control of construction processes

-Increased work quality


OCIUS-X and BraCom's partnership continues to grow they take on more projects and deliver value for their customers.



"We have saved a lot of time using OciusX. We will continue using OciusX because it gives us increased efficiency on multiple levels and our customers have been really satisfied with their user-friendly interface in OciusX. The platform provides better construction performance, and we are happy to recommend OCIUS-X to others in the industry" - Mads Heim


Ocius-X is the leading provider of Project Management software for Fiber Network Deployment projects. Our platform provides functionality to track and manage the full process from Business Planning/Consulting, Engineering design to Network Roll-out under full Program/Project Management. By “aggregation of digital data from reality into Business and Project control the platform provides a unique way to secure the success of your FTTx project.


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